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Newsletter (31)

  1. 4th PTC: Please be informed that the 4th Parent Teacher Conference (PTC) for the Academic Year of 2016 is scheduled to be held on Saturday, October 29, 2016.
  • Venue:        Meeting shall be held at the MAIN CAMPUS.
  • Timing:      You may meet the teacher anytime between 08:30 a.m. to 02:30 p.m.
  • Procedure: Parents are requested to take their ‘Turn Number slip’ by showing the

Student I.D. card to the respective coordinators.

Meeting shall be held on first come first serve basis.

  • Note:
    • All parents/guardian are requested to be brief and specific during the meeting.
    • Students must wear complete uniform. ATTENDANCE IS COMPULSORY.
    • Home tutors of students are allowed to attend the PTC if accompanied by the parents or registered guardians.
  1. Admission 2017: Parents / guardian are hereby informed that the Admission for 2017 is open. Parents / guardian interested in availing the admission may visit the Main Campus anytime between 09:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon on week days.
  1. Bi-monthly Fee Submission (Reminder): Fees for the months of November and December 2016 shall be charged collectively in the next Fee Challan issued on October 28, 2016. Parents/guardians are informed to submit the school fee in time in order to avoid the inconvenience of getting charged with a penalty.
  1. Final Test/Exam Syllabus: The targeted syllabus for the Final Term Test/Exam was sent in the previous week.
  1. Final Test/Exam Date Sheet: The date sheet of the upcoming tests/talent show/final-year exam shall be sent for Pre-Nursery to Class 10 in the next week.
  1. Gratitude: We are thankful to the students and parents for their support in the Arts & Crafts Competition. It was indeed a beautiful act of co-operation and partnership.
  1. Reminder
    • Books Maintenance:
  • Plastic covered (laminated) and not hardbound.
  • Clean without pen marks on the inside and outside.
  • In good condition without torn pages.
  • Cared, students should not waste paper pages.
  • Updated by following up the correction work in the copies.
  • Having neat work in the copies.
  • Free of cartoon stickers.


Quote of the day:

“Nothing is too small to know, and nothing is too big to attempt”

Hadith of the day:

“True wealth is the wealth of SOUL (Saheeh Bukhari 6081)”

Healthy Recipe:

Creamy Fruit Chaat


  • Grapes 1 cupCreamy Fruit Chaat
  • Chickpeas 1 cup (boiled)
  • Fruit cocktail 1 can
  • Potato 1 (boiled)
  • Apples 2 (sliced)
  • Mangoes 2 (cubed)
  • Peaches 2 (sliced)
  • Bananas 4 (sliced)
  • Guava 4 (sliced)
  • Cream 2 packets (chilled)
  • Salt ½ tsp
  • Black pepper ¼ tsp
  • Caster sugar 4 tbsp
  • Chaat spice 1, ½ tsp

Cooking Directions

  • In a bowl mix together grapes, chickpeas, fruit cocktail, potato, apples, mangoes, peaches, bananas, guava, cream, caster sugar, black pepper, salt and chaat spice.
  • Mix well and serve chilled.



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