The Chairman’s Message


Leaders’ Odyssey School  , by the grace of The Almighty has achieved  much recognition as a centre of educational excellence and innovation . It has been a sustained and dedicated  endeavor,to achieve parity with national and global levels of learning .

It is with a measure of satisfaction that I look back on the journey that led us to this stage . A time to reflect , to move our goal-posts further, to re-group and pledge a commitment to the zeal  and passion that helped us realize our dream .

Education’s basic premise and mission is eternal , to cultivate seeds of knowledge and learning , and to empower our young. In order to keep pace with the evolving technological changes  that have revolutionized the dispensation of education , we too are re-working and re-articulating our priorities .

I know I speak on behalf of all  our faculty and staff members , that we will challenge ourselves to be an even more significant force in the ‘Educational Empowerment’ of our children



Zahid Jan