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Newsletter (29)

  1. Bi-monthly Fee Submission (Reminder): Fees for the months of November and December 2016 shall be charged collectively in the next Fee Challan issued in the last week of October 2016. Parents/Guardians are informed to submit school fee in time to avoid inconvenience of getting charged with penalty.
  2. School Timing w.e.f. October 17, 2016:
Class Monday to Thursday Friday
Pre- Nursery to KG 09:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. 09:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
I to X 08:30 a.m. to 02:05 p.m. 08:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.


  1. Winter Uniform: Please be informed that the Winter Uniform is available at the Mother Care outlet at Jinnah Road. Parents/Guardians are advised to send the students in winter uniform.
Boys Girls
Navy Blue Blazer Navy Blue blazer
Grey Pants Navy Blue tunic
Sky blue shirt Navy Blue open sweater
White high-necked White shirt
Black socks White high-necked
Red Tie (sized according to the child's neck) White scarf (Cotton)
Navy Blue cap White socks
Navy Blue gloves Navy Blue cap
  1. Gratitude: We are thankful to the students and parents for sharing their pets on the Pet Day. It was indeed a beautiful act of co-operation and partnership.
  2. Admission 2017: Parents / guardian are hereby informed that the Admission for 2017 shall be open from Monday, October 24, 2016. Parents / guardian interested to avail the admission may visit main campus anytime between 09:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon.
  3. Reminder
    • Haircut: Soldier cut is recommended for the boys while the girls may either have pony tail or plates/braid. Haircut of the students is checked twice a month; once on the first Monday of the month and second on the third Monday of the month.


Quote of the day:

“The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your ATTITUDE

Hadith of the day:

“Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said, A Muslim has six rights on another Muslim.

  1. When you meet him, greet him with Salaam.
  2. When he invites you, accept the invitation.
  3. When he seeks counselling from you, advise him.
  4. When he sneezes and says Alhamdulillah, reply with Yarhamkumullah.
  5. When he falls ill, visit him.
  6. When he dies, attend his funeral.

(Sahih Muslim)”

Healthy Recipe:

Gajar ka Halwa


  1. Carrot shredded 2 kg
  2. Milk 1 litre
  3. Solid milk (khoya) 250 grams
  4. Sugar 1 cup
  5. Kewra essence few drops
  6. Clarified butter 4 tbsp
  7. Dry fruit as required

Cooking Directions:

  1. Pour milk in a pan and cook carrot in it till milk dry.
  2. Then add sugar in it and stir fry until sugar water dissolves.
  3. Now add clarified butter and stir fry till butter comes on top.
  4. Add milk solid and dry fruit in it and cook for 2-3 minutes.
  5. Now mix kewra essence in it and dish it out.
  6. Top with solid milk and dry fruit. Serve warm.

Tips To Improve Your Communication Skills:

At school, college or work our communication skills are a great determinant of our success. If we develop the right communication skills and use it effectively there will be no stopping from becoming successful.

Developing the right communication skills for school includes the development of reading, writing, speaking, presenting and listening skills. The tips given below will help you improve all these aspects of communication:

  1. Choosing the right words

Choose words that will really symbolize what you mean. Whether you are talking or writing make sure you select words that will enable the reader or the listener to understand what you really mean. Using jargon may make you feel GOOD but the main point of communication – “the understanding” will be lost.

  1. Ask Questions

Whether it’s a professor, a colleague or even your friend ask questions to make sure you understand what the person really means. Don’t assume things because that can result in creating a negative relationship. It really won’t take long to ask a few questions and understand what he / she means.

  1. Listen Well

Listening well is a great way to AVOID CARELESS ERRORS. For you to become a great communicator you must be willing to listen to the other person’s point of view. You must fight the urge to respond immediately and listen to what the person is trying to communicate.

Even at a heated college debate it is only when you listen to opponent well, can you develop the right response.

  1. Polish your speaking skills

Speaking is an important component that improves in college. Even if you do not follow a public speaking course in most colleges you will be required to deliver presentations on a regular basis. In these instances you should be able to express your point in a SHORT AND SWEET manner.

You don’t need to be a good orator but you need to practice your presentation skills. Practice on how to deliver your point in a way that will INTEREST YOUR AUDIENCE and have an effect on them. By developing this skill at college it will be easier for you to face interviews and job presentations.

  1. Having the Right Attitude

Develop an attitude of dignity and respect for others and yourself. Be confident that you have the ability to communicate well and always be positive. Have an open attitude that is willing to understand people and accept their opinions. This will greatly improve your communication skills in ALL relationships.

  1. Pay attention to non-verbal communication

To communicate effectively, avoid misunderstandings, and enjoy solid, trusting relationships both socially and professionally, it’s important to understand how to use and interpret nonverbal signals.

Nonverbal communication includes facial expressions, eye contact, body postures and gestures, tone of the voice and the space between the speaker and listener.

By learning to manage stress during a communication you will be able to improve your nonverbal communication skills. This is because stress compromises your ability to communicate. When your stress levels are under control you will be sending POSITIVE nonverbal signals encouraging the communication.

Make eye contact with your listener / speaker to let him know that he has your full attention; Nod your head frequently encouraging the person to go on. Have the right personal space to ensure that both the speaker and the listener feel comfortable during the communication.

  1. Make the right judgment

Understand what you want to achieve through the communication. By making the right judgment you will know what to say and what not to say. This self-control will ensure that you don’t fall into any emotional arguments and you will reach the objective of the communication.

  1. Ask for feedback  

The best way to know if you communicating right is to ask others. Ask your friends, colleagues, professors, parents etc. for their honest feedback about your communication skills. You need to be able to handle both the positive and negative feedback. Smile on your advantages and make improvements on your shortcomings. That’s all it takes!


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