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Newsletter (34)

  1. Admission 2017: Parents / guardian are hereby informed that the Admissions for 2017 are open. Parents / guardian interested to avail the admission may visit Main Campus anytime between 09:00 a.m. and 01:00 p.m. 
  2. Fee Submission (January & February): Fees for the months of January and February 2017 shall be charged collectively in the upcoming Fee Challan. Your cooperation in submitting the fee within the due date shall be appreciated.
  3. Exams Preparation: The syllabus for the exams has already been shared. The school may provide course books at home for revision if required. Besides, parents/guardians may write on school diary if there is any query related to academics.
  4. Important Guideline - Test/Examination:
    1. A student caught using unfair means during test/examination shall be considered failed in the subject and may be expelled from school.
    2. A student on leave or absent during test/exam with a valid reason shall be awarded either the average marks obtained in the previous tests or the passing marks. There shall be no re-test.
    3. Students must focus on conceptual learning for the test/exam papers.
    4. Students must bring their own stationery as borrowing or lending during the conduct of test/exam is strictly prohibited.
  5. Promotion and Expulsion (based on Academics):
    1. In case a student does not qualify for the next class then, he/she shall repeat the same class as a last chance; provided that he/she falls in the age criteria. However, if the student’s age does not allow repeating the class then, he/she shall be promoted to the next class on conditional basis whereby, failing to show significant improvement the student shall be expelled.
    2. A student shall be expelled if he/she has failed in the same class for two consecutive years or has failed to qualify for promotion on two different occasions in his/her school career.
  6. Photo shoot for ID/Exit Cards 2017: Please send the student in complete, neat and well-ironed uniform (especially in the upcoming week) for a formal photo shoot of ID/Exit Cards (2017).
  7. Student Assessment Policy: Students Assessment Policy at L.O.S is to ensure that a child develops not only academically in school, but also in other important non-academic areas through a holistic approach. We keep a systematic record of each student's progress in all the different areas of the Policy and extend rewards to those students who show best performance. The vision of this Policy is to develop a student who will fit in to his practical life tomorrow, but we see at home this is not reinforced properly. Kindly read Chapter 8 of Parents’ Guidebook and support.


  8. Quote of the day: Failure is success if we learn from it.
  9. Hadith of the day: The Prophet (PBUH) said, “Allah has pardoned my people for what they think in their minds as long as they do not speak about it or act upon it.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari & Sahih Muslim)
  10. Healthy Recipe:

Chocolate Cake


  1. Flour 1 1/2 cup
  2. Butter 125 grams
  3. Eggs (lightly beaten) 2
  4. Cocoa Powder 3/4 cup
  5. Sugar (ground) 1 cup
  6. Milk 1 cup
  7. Vanilla tsp
  8. Baking soda 1 tsp
  9. Butter to lightly grease pan
  10. Flour to lightly flour pan

Cooking Directions

  1. Grease and flour an 8” pan and preheat oven to 180 degrees/ 350F.
  2. In a bowl mix together flour, sugar, cocoa powder and soda bicarbonate.
  3. Add butter, milk, vanilla essence and eggs.
  4. Beat by hand or beater until well blended and creamy (about 1-2 minutes).
  5. Pour into pan and place in oven to bake for about 20-25 minutes until toothpick shows no crumbs when inserted in the middle of the cake.
  6. Invert onto plate and serve immediately or cool and put icing on top as garnishing.

11. Ten Tips for Better Spelling

This may be the best-known spelling rule:

  1. ibefore e, except after c

or when sounded like "ay"

as in neighbor and weigh

Here are some words that follow the rule:

  1. IE words:believe, field, relief
  2. CEI words:ceiling, deceit, receive
  3. EI words:freight, reign, sleigh
  4. Some exceptions:either, foreign, height, leisure, protein, weird
  5. "CIEN words" are another exception to the rule. These include 
    ancient, efficient, and science.

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  1. Issuance of newsletter is a very good tradition. However, there is need to encourage students and teachers to contribute to the newsletter.

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