Message from the Principal

Young people today are growing up in age that is ever-evolving, dynamic and challenging.
Though the basics of education remain the same, yet teaching has to be responsive to the
rapid changes that are re-shaping our world.
A balance between the core values of education and emerging concepts has to be struck and
interwoven into the learning process. At L.O.S, we believe in education that is roote in time
honored traditions of moral and ethical values, yet sensitive to emerging realities and
The educational progression of a child is only possible when both, the school and the
parents, fulfill their responsibilities in creating conducive conditions for learning, at home
and the classroom. A vital partnership in realizing dreams and securing futures.
Today the school represents a positive affirmation of commitment and integrity, to the cause
of quality education, and our resolve to be a catalyst for integrating change into the system.


Heena Iqbal