School Event Calendar 2017

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School Event Calendar 2017




March 2017



  • The Creator’s Day
30-Mar-17 Thursday
  • Environment Day
  • Spring Season Celebration (Pre-School)

April 2017

01-April-17 Saturday
  • 1st PTC
05-Apr-17 Thursday
  • Test-I (Pre to class IX)
20-Apr-17 Thursday
  • Skills Day
27-Apr-17 Thursday
  • Urdu Mushairah

May 2017

4-May-17 Thursday
  • Art and Craft (class I to X)
06-May-17 Saturday
  • 2nd PTC/Book Fair
11-May-17 Thursday
  • Test-I (Class X) / Test-II (Pre to class IX)
24-May-17 Wednesday
  • Summer Season Celebration (Pre-school)
25-May-17 Thursday
  • Cookery Competition (class V to X)

June 2017

01-Jun-17 Thursday
  • Spelling Competition

July 2017

05-Jul-17 Wednesday
  • Test-II (Class X) / Test-III (Pre to class IV, VIII, IX) / Mid-year Exam (Class V, VI, VII)
20-Jul-17 Thursday
  • Water Play (Pre-school)
  • Role play inter class competition (class I to X)
27-Jul-17 Thursday
  • Mental Maths Competition
29-Jul-17 Saturday
  • Mid-Year Reporting Day

August 2017

02-Aug-17 Wednesday
  • Taekwondo Presentation
11-Aug-17 Friday
  • Independence Day Celebration
22-Aug-17 Tuesday
  • Test-III (Class V, VI, VII, X) / Test-IV (Pre to class IV, VIII, IX)

September 2017

05-Sep-17 Tuesday
  • Defense Day Celebration
16-Sep-17 Saturday
  • 3rd PTC
21-Sep-17 Thursday
  • Science Exhibition
25-Sep-17 Monday
  • General Knowledge Competition (class I – IV)
  • Pre-School Story Time

October 2017

10-Oct-17 Monday
  • Test-V (Pre to classes IV,VIII, IX)/ Test-IV (class V, VI, VII, X)
26-Oct-17 Thursday
  • Extempore speech competition
  • Autumn Season Celebration (Pre-school)
30-Oct-17 Monday
  • Sports week

November 2017

11-Nov-17 Saturday
  • 4th PTC
13-Nov-17 Monday
  • Winter Season Celebration (Pre-School)
27-Nov-17 Thursday
  • Test-VI (Pre to class IV) / Final-year Exam (class V to VIII) / Pre-Board Exam (class IX, X)

December 2017

07-Dec-17 Tuesday
  • Class Party
18-Dec-17 Monday
  • Final year Reporting Day