Introduction of School

The Leaders' Odyssey School (abbreviated L.O.S) began its educational journey in the year of 2005 in Quetta.

It started as a primary school setup that gradually upgraded to secondary level. By the wholehearted hard work and dedication of the School's staff, the Leader's Odyssey School has flourished into a well-recognized Institution of Quetta City and is also affiliated with the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE). By the grace of Almighty Allah and as a result of the Institution's humble success, the Institution has now opened up a new branch in Karachi City. The Karachi Clifton Campus offers O-levels as it is affiliated with the General Certificate of Education (GCE).

The vision of L.O.S is based in its motto; “Education, a journey not a race”. We seek to guide our students into being the leaders of their own life. We want them to consider their educational and professional journey and life as an intellectual wandering. The goal is furthermore to not only nurture knowledgeable and virtuous students, but also to groom them into being responsible and civilized. Our teachers are trained on a regular basis to expertly mentor their students with a view that they develop an all-rounded personality.

At L.O.S, modern and creative teaching techniques are used from the very beginning to ensure effective and comprehensive learning in the classroom. Moreover, the Institution assumes full responsibility in developing students' independent life skills, enhancing their self-confidence and developing their language skills and appropriate social interaction. The students are helped to learn and practice good habits through a systematic approach titled the Students' Assessment Policy (abbreviated SAP). The SAP reinforces various aspects of personality grooming at both the individual and collective levels.